bigstock-County-Courthouse-webMcCrosson & Associates attorneys are well recognized litigators and trial advocates.  Our attorneys prosecute and defend civil matters while representing corporate individuals involved in select health care related criminal-defense issues.   Our attorneys regularly represent corporate and individual clients before all of Indiana’s State and Federal Trial and Appellate courts.   Our litigation services range from pre-litigation avoidance intervention to State and Federal appeals on complex matters involving multiple districts and class based litigants.  We recognize that clients involved in a defensive posture seek quick and equitable resolutions to their litigations.  Accordingly, our attorneys always present a “bottom-line” analysis in addition to our traditional legal analysis.  McCrosson & Associates attorneys are well versed, and regularly employ, all pre-litigation avoidance techniques.  As prosecuting attorneys, our professional’s leverage their industry specific knowledge to position our clients for their “best day” scenario through motion, trial and appellate advocacy.

  • Administrative Litigation - McCrosson & Associates attorneys maintain recognized experience in the administrative process. Through our blend of corporate, litigation and deep-seated industry specific knowledge, in addition to our working knowledge of the appropriate administrative procedures rules of procedure, we represent clients in licensure, compliance and reimbursement issues before state and federal regulatory agencies.  Where necessary, our litigation team positions appeals in order to maximize success in the rare instance superior, circuit or district court review of an administrative decision is necessary.  Industries regularly affected with such issues are our corporate health care, auto-industry and real estate clients. 
  • Local Counsel Arrangements - McCrosson & Associates attorneys regularly act as local counsel for entities involved in litigation before the Northern and Southern District Courts of Indiana. We respect the varying responsibilities foreign counsel desire for their local counsel to employ.  Accordingly, we act in a limited and cost effective partnership with foreign counsel but regularly take a lead counsel position where agreed upon and appropriate.    Our attorneys have stood as local/litigation lead counsel on a variety of complex matters involving national firms with respect to employment based class actions, key-man insurance disputes, mortgage servicing issues, auto-industry floor plan disputes, health care industry corporate and governmental disputes, and general business/commercial litigation disputes in Indiana jurisdiction state and federal courts.  We encourage foreign general and litigation counsel to contact us for a review of specific case work in this area.   
  • Employment Litigation - Employment matters, at times, manifest themselves through formal litigation. McCrosson & Associates attorneys, in conjunction with our corporate services practice (Scott, Link to Corp Svc Employment), regularly represent our corporate clients in pre-litigation adversarial employment disputes, and employment-litigation disputes.  Through our advocacy, we provide the best practical outcome for our business partners, whom appreciate both or straight-forward advocacy in addition to our attention to our inclination to accommodate our clients' budgetary tolerances.