bigstock-Doctor-And-Businessman-webMcCrosson and Associates maintains a particular industry focus in the area of provider-health care.  Accordingly, our firm focuses on the following areas with industry-specific knowledge of provider side issues affecting the health care related issues:

  • Business & Transactional - Health care mergers and acquisitions, in addition to health care joint ventures with a focus on the transactional specific considerations in the health care industry.  
  • Health Care Fraud, Abuse & Compliance - We work to ensure Federal and State anti-kickback laws are followed.  Complimentarily, we review the same transactions for compliance with State and Federal physician self-referral laws and false claim implications affecting reimbursement issues.  Our health care fraud, abuse and compliance practice is bolsted by our staffing of an RN-CNO level industry specific professional who maintains decades of industry-specific knowledge.
  • Hospital and Provider Regulation, Provider-Specific Legal Counsel and Health Care Entity General Counsel - Our team provides medical practices, hospitals, ancillary service providers, mental health clinics and other specialty provider practices with structural and legal review concerning their particular issues on an outsourced general counsel basis.  Our industry specific knowledge in this area spans decades.  This includes reviewing credentialing strategies in health care's dynamic environment, to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and appeals, State and Federal wage and hour compliance, health care entity employment law and human resource compliance/litigation including class based wage and hour claims, Medicare appeals and billing consulting to attain full reimbursement, and HIPAA/STARK/FCA/AKS/CMP compliance.  Additionally, our attorneys are well versed with worker's compensation and ERISA benefits representation pre-litigation and through the State and Federal court system. We often represent health care entities when employees appeal benefit issues to the Northern and Southern District Courts of Indiana.
  • Health Care Industry Consolidation and Integration - The health care industry is currently in a state of consolidation and integration stemming from the affordable care act’s emphasis on accountable care and value based compensation.  Our attorneys understand this change from an academic, industry and legal perspective.  We have crafted standardized corporate models for various forms of value-based compensation and integration arrangements and maintain the ability to engineer these models for particular provider continuums.  Our models limit regulatory risk.  Additionally, our models position providers to limit downside financial risk while building complete delivery continuums that permit providers to maintain practice discretion in the current climate of value-based compensation adjustments.    We encourage providers to be ahead of this trend by exploring practice models that position their practices to safely ride the emerging value based industry trends.