bigstock-Colleagues-working-together-in-webMcCrosson & Associates attorneys represent small and medium sized businesses in the role of outsourced general counsel through the regular course of their business operations. Our professionals bring general corporate experience to the table in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, employment law, EEOC and ADA compliance, labor law issues, severance and wrongful termination issues, mortgage servicing compliance and best practices, buy/sell agreements, the general establishment of corporate entities, spin-offs and subsidiary arrangements, the general maintenance of corporate documents and secretary of state filings, and general legal auditing and compliance services.    In this area, our attorneys have a particular focus on the health care, mortgage servicing and the auto industry.

  • Employment and Human Resources - McCrosson & Associates employment and human resources’ practice is an amalgam of its compliance, administrative and litigation practice. Our professionals regularly advise corporations on employment based best-practices through working with their human resources departments on daily issues which need clarification and explanation, in addition to matters up to and including complex class based litigation campaigns brought by disgruntled classes of employees.  In this area we are particularly aware of our “dollar-in, two-dollars out” approach and employ the philosophy that effective and targeted legal counsel results in a return of down-stream corporate savings.  Through this philosophy, we maintain decades long relationships with our corporate clients.   Additionally, our health care presence privileges us with the ability to extend this employment service to health care entities whom require their human resource departments be mindful of the complex law concerning physician referral and anti-kickback compliance.  
  • Compliance and Regulatory Affairs - Our corporate compliance and regulatory affairs practice represents and advises our corporate clients with respect to industry-specific state, federal and administrative issues in addition to implementing pre-litigation avoidance programs. Through our corporate compliance and regulatory affairs practice, we work as partners with our corporate clients in order to implement cost-effective programs that are mindful of our client’s business realities, industry and company specific cultures in addition to the bottom-line.  Our blend of corporate and litigation attorneys, in addition to our employment of recognized industry specific business professionals, make us uniquely situated to develop effective, industry-specific programs the mesh well with our client’s industry and company specific compliance culture.   Industries regularly affected with such issues are our corporate health care and auto-industry clients in addition to our general corporate clients with larger employee bases.
  • Administrative Law - McCrosson & Associates attorneys maintain recognized experience in the administrative process. We represent clients in licensure, compliance and reimbursement issues before state and federal regulatory agencies.  Where necessary, our litigation team positions appeals in order to maximize success in the rare instance superior, circuit or district court review of an administrative decision is necessary.  Industries regularly affected with such issues are our corporate health care, auto-industry, funeral services and real estate clients.
  • Local Counsel Representation - McCrosson & Associates attorneys regularly act as local counsel for entities involved in litigation before the Northern and Southern District Courts of Indiana.  Please see our litigation services area for further information